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Brandon's testimony176 viewsBrandon's testimony. Filmed at the Weimar campus studio.
My Testimony--Joel Moutray176 viewsAFCOE Media Track Project
NEWSTART@Home - Acne66 viewsDermatologist, Dr. Phil Mills, explains how your diet can play a role in Acne, and what you can do if you have it.NSH014
NEWSTART@Home - Arrhythmias116 viewsCardiologist, Dr. Brian Schwartz, explains what it may mean when your heart races or skips beats, and what you should do if you experience these symptoms.NSH021
NEWSTART@Home - Cancer138 viewsDr. Neil Nedley discusses the lifestyle that is best for preventing cancer, and how lifestyle principles combined with traditional treatments can improve the odds or recovery from cancer.NSH029
NEWSTART@Home - Chair Massage68 viewsEWSTART Massage Therapist, Jerry Flores, demonstrates how you can use a simple home chair massage to relieve tension, stress, and headaches.NSH006
NEWSTART@Home - Dandruff62 viewsDermatologist, Dr. Phil Mills, talks about dandruff, what causes it, and how you can deal with it.NSH015
NEWSTART@Home - Depression Recovery163 viewsThere are natural answers for depression! Neil Nedley, M.D., explains how you can start your road to recovery today.NSH028
NEWSTART@Home - Exercise152 viewsLearn about the only true fountain of youth. Dr. Michael Orlich explains why exercise is medicine.NSH027
NEWSTART@Home - Fiber57 viewsDiscover some benefits of fiber that you probably didnt know about, and learn how simple it is to add fiber to your diet.NSH009
NEWSTART@Home - Hair Loss65 viewsHair loss is a concern to many people. Dermatologist, Dr. Phil Mills, explains the causes of hair loss, and what treatments are effective for stopping, and even reversing hair loss.NSH016
NEWSTART@Home - Hand & Wrist Soreness61 viewsNEWSTART Massage Therapist, Jerry Flores, explains how massage can relieve aches and pains, improve circulation, and generally improve health and wellness.NSH007
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