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Emotional Intelligence74 viewsDr. Neil Nedley shows you how you can achieve greater happiness and success in life by increasing your emotional intelligence. Learn how to avoid mental filters that reduce your EQ.
Overcoming Addictions69 viewsRich Kollenberg was a drug addict for 25 years. His experience in recovering from substance and behavioral addictions can help you. Learn the first step to a life of freedom in this video.
Reversing Diabetes71 viewsDiabetes kills 160,000 Americans every year. Dr. Neil Nedley explains the simple cause of this deadly disease and the program that can help you avoid or reverse it.
The Drug of Disobedience67 viewsAddictions are not just about drugs and alcohol. Millions of people are controlled by behavioral addictions. Rich Kollenberg shares what you need to know about one of the most destructive of these behaviors.
Truth & Lies About Addictions116 viewsLies and addictions go hand in hand. Recovered drug addict, Rich Kollenberg, shares how you can replace the lies that keep you addicted to behaviors or substances with truth.
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