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Brandon's testimony161 viewsBrandon's testimony. Filmed at the Weimar campus studio.Aug 26, 2010
My Testimony--Joel Moutray158 viewsAFCOE Media Track ProjectAug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Importance of Lifestyle Medicine142 viewsDr. Neil Nedley outlines scientifically based principles you can use to prevent illnesses like cancer, hypertension, and depression, as well as treat diseases that occur.NSH030Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Cancer124 viewsDr. Neil Nedley discusses the lifestyle that is best for preventing cancer, and how lifestyle principles combined with traditional treatments can improve the odds or recovery from cancer.NSH029Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Depression Recovery146 viewsThere are natural answers for depression! Neil Nedley, M.D., explains how you can start your road to recovery today.NSH028Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Exercise137 viewsLearn about the only true fountain of youth. Dr. Michael Orlich explains why exercise is medicine.NSH027Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Water141 viewsDr. Michael Orlich explains how water can help you avoid kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and even bladder cancer.NSH026Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Osteoporosis143 viewsDr. Michael Orlich explains osteoporosis, and how you can take simple steps to avoid it.NSH025Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Vitamin B1281 viewsVitamin B12 deficiency can have serious health consequences like anemia and even nerve damage. Dr. Michael Orlich explains what you need to know.NSH024Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Sunlight68 viewsDr. Michael Orlich explains why sunlight is critical for bone health, and can also help prevent cancer and auto immune diseases. Learn how to get the sunlight you need safely.NSH023Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Stop & Reverse Heart Disease64 viewsHeart disease is reversible! Cardiologist, Dr. Brian Schwartz, explains studies that show how simple lifestyle changes can change your heart health.NSH022Aug 26, 2010
NEWSTART@Home - Arrhythmias105 viewsCardiologist, Dr. Brian Schwartz, explains what it may mean when your heart races or skips beats, and what you should do if you experience these symptoms.NSH021Aug 26, 2010
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